Apprentice Series Study

Our 2020 Vision

Our church leaders have set our top 2 goals for 2020:  grow in our love for God and grow in our love for others.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, not always.  So to help us try to accomplish this, we are embarking on a church-wide adventure with the help of a curriculum designed by Christian spiritual formation expert James Bryan Smith.  His trilogy of books is called the Apprentice Series, as they seek to help us become better apprentices of Jesus.

In this faith adventure, we'll be falling in love with the God Jesus knows, putting on the character of Christ, and together learning to follow the Spirit, extend grace, and demonstrate love. 

We began our study in January with the first book, The Good and Beautiful God, and studied the second book in spring and now we are working on the third one this fall. Besides hearing messages in worship that bring this study to life, we hope you’ll grab a book and jump in a Sunday School class or small group.  We encourage you to try the weekly soul training exercises and listen to the recommended podcasts as you seek to know God more closely and discover the life of love He wants for you.

Take the Next Step in your Journey

Read the Book:  Buy your own copy of his book or get one from the church office.  Download the reading schedule here.

Join an Apprentice Group:  Get info and register for a SS class or small group contact the Church Office.

Engage in Soul Training Exercises:  Find this week 8 Soul Training exercise  or get them in your Facebook feed by following us on Facebook.  

Listen to the Thing Above Podcast:  Learn about this great podcast in the pilot episode.  Then tune in each week for a 12-14 minute devotional "thought from above" as we seek to focus our minds and hearts on God.  This week's recommended episode can be found by clicking HERE and is also published on our Facebook page each week.