Who We Are

Who We Are

We are part of the church community - the body of Christ.   While many of us attend Sterling UMC on Sundays, not all of us do.  We welcome teenagers from all church traditions or no faith tradition... anyone is welcome to join us!  We are Christians first, and that unites us all, no matter what denomination we belong to.

We are regular teenagers -- with strengths and passions as well as fears and insecurities -- who are learning about God and the Christian faith and how that affects our everyday lives. Everyone is welcome -- just as they are -- with their doubts, pains, questions, and sinful lives.  Just be ready for big things as you encounter the Living God who transforms lives.

We are on this journey TOGETHER towards God's intended wholeness.  We care about each other, help each other through the ups and downs of life, and are learning how to show God's love to everyone we meet. 

We are caring adults who remember the challenges of being teenagers and want to help today's teens walk through this season of life.  We listen, we love, we walk beside, we offer advice, and we set an example to follow.

We are discovering how BIG God is and how he is inviting us to be part of His epic story of the restoration of our broken world into His intended wholeness.  God knows us personally and loves us beyond our imagination.  We want to take hold of the abundant life He has for us and for all people He has created.

Come make the connection... and in doing so, you will join something so much bigger than you, bigger than us, something EPIC -- a group of people being formed into an authentic expression of the Kingdom of God.

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  January 2021  
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